Realize new insights from your data.

As the foundation to an enterprise Business Intelligence solution, a well-planned data warehouse is crucial to project success and user adoption. SVA Consulting provides a “jump start” to developing a data warehouse through our standard and scalable framework, as well as our proven methodology for design and implementation.


What is an Enterprise Data Warehouse?

Simply put, it is an asset you own that contains all the information your organization captures then needs to make informed decisions. Think answers and insight, not more data requiring manipulation to be useful.

An Enterprise Data Warehouse is the centerpiece of an IT strategy that gives you control of advancing your systems rather than being pushed around by software publishers.

An Enterprise Data Warehouse is the centralized vault that enables you to securely make information available to employees or any audience.


Delivering Data to the Organization: Dashboards, Reports and Analytics

By storing data in a single repository, you can ensure there’s only one version of the truth regardless of the method(s) by which the data is delivered. SVA Consulting can work with you to determine the right delivery method for your information, whether it’s a corporate performance dashboard, a scorecard filled with Key Performance Indicators, static or dynamic reports, interactive analysis tools or a combination of these tools. We then work with clients to implement.


This is the one we talk about most. By utilizing the information from multiple sources and areas of the company, all employees will be able to make fact-based decisions in an array of different business processes rather than just going with their gut.

This is a benefit on a multitude of different levels. Since all of your data is located in a single repository, you won’t have to waste time having to access multiple databases and reports. There is an additional savings of time by being able to access the reports yourself from your custom dashboard. You will no longer have to rely on the IT team or accounting department to provide information.

Typically without an EDW, you’re viewing data from multiple databases. That data can sometimes be presented to you in various formats. In an enterprise data warehouse, all of your data is standardized and then presented to you in one cohesive format.

Yes, that’s right! According to various studies, companies who invest in providing accurate information to all levels of the organization are consistently the top performers, no matter the industry.


We help companies leverage technology they already own. That said, Microsoft SQL Server tends to be prevalent as the underlying database in many companies line of business applications. What you may not know is that SQL Server is more than just a database. Bundled with the database functionality are tools to build a robust Business Intelligence solution:


SQL Server Integration Services

Allows us to connect to multiple data sources to Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) the data into the data warehouse.


SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

Provides the ability to build dynamic analytic solutions with the power to deliver actionable insights. SSAS is the number one analytics engine in the world.


SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) SSRS Reports are one option for presenting business intelligence information. It supports interactive web-viewing in a secure location. In addition to Microsoft’s products, we have experience with many types of data sources – everything from text files to Oracle databases, FoxPro to Excel. We’ve built data warehouses using other technologies and presented the data with other tools of the industry. The bottom line is that we can work with you to determine the tools and technology that make sense for your organization

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