IT Management Consulting: Executive Advising & Education

Our technology advisors are your trusted source for business IT advice.

You are an executive who knows where you want to take the organization, but you are uncomfortable with your knowledge of technology. What you are looking for is a confidential, external advisor and a professional relationship similar to what you have with your accountant or lawyer.

Our leadership has the industry expertise, credentials and tenure to help you. You get to capitalize on their years of experience in technology leadership. They work directly with you gaining an understanding of your organization and where you want to take your business; all the while educating you on the role technology plays in getting there.

As your trusted resource, technology advocate and mentor, you can confidently and confidentially reach out as needed.

The Napkin Guys

Watch The Napkin Guys have a 'Simple Conversation' about technology in everyday terms, not technical jargon.

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