Technology Planning and IT Strategy Services

Finding the right roadmap to your business goals with IT business consulting.

You know you need to invest in automating processes and providing better information to be decision makers. However, you are intimidated by the speed at which technology changes and skeptical of the value you achieved from prior purchases. You are not alone, let us help you.

Our professionals have the experience and processes to align your investments in technology with your corporate direction. In just a few weeks, you’ll have the insight into how and when you can successfully introduce new technology into your organization.

Key benefits you can expect from creating a Strategic Technology Plan are:

  • Insight into your organization's aptitude for utilizing and managing technology
  • An evaluation of the alignment, misalignment or absence of technology to support your business
  • Documented guidelines for prioritizing and evaluating future technology expenditures
  • Enforcement of purchasing discipline across fiscal years
  • Continuity in the decision-making process through personnel changes

Major components documented in a Strategic Technology Plan:

  • Desired technology position – impact of technology on your organization's ability to compete in the future
  • Alignment, misalignment or absence of technology to support your business – used to prioritize investments
  • Technology standards – framework for evaluating alternatives, lowering costs and improving return on investment
  • Policies and procedures – method for reducing risks and industrializing usage of technology
  • Business continuity planning – acknowledgement that information is critical to operations and predetermining how systems are to be reinstated in the aftermath of a disaster

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