Strategy & Technology Alignment

Maximize ROI by aligning technology with business objectives using STAR!

STAR is a methodology that SVA Consulting will guide you through to evaluate how closely aligned your current ERP technology is with your business goals. Our findings, and more importantly the road map of recommendations, may:

  • Identify opportunities to enhance decision making
  • Exploit opportunities that allow you to further leverage your investment in existing technology
  • Help you find costly, inefficient processes
  • Assist you in evaluating if your current system adequately meets the needs of the business
  • Provide you with training opportunities to increase employee productivity

STAR Deliverables

Upon the completion of a Strategy & Technology Alignment Review (STAR), you will receive a comprehensive report covering items such as:

  • Key business processes assessment
  • Evaluation of how current technology is being used to efficiently perform key business processes
  • Potential risks or compliance concerns
  • Opportunities for efficiency gains
  • Short-term and long-term technology considerations to better align with business goals
  • Major system gaps or deficiencies

The Napkin Guys

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