From Development into Commercialization

Are your business operations ready to support a product launch?

While you focus your energies on investors and funding, completing clinical trials, commercial strategies and obtaining the coveted FDA approval, you need to build and deploy a commercial-ready organization in time for launch. We find that executive teams do not have the time, or in many cases the expertise, to develop their business operations and technical infrastructure from the ground up.

As the company prepares for approval, we understand the mission-critical business activities that need to be ready. For example:


Medical Affairs is publishing data and communicating with thought leaders.


Commercial needs to have field teams and materials ready for deployment.


Manufacturing needs to be ready to ship approved product.


Financial systems need to be in place to recognize revenue, pay commissions, etc.


Leadership needs to know business data is secure and accessible to monitor and adjust the strategy as they learn new information.

We understand the reality of building a company on a tight timeline.


Executives need to stay forward, focusing on strategic versus tactical priorities.


Alignment and momentum must be maintained across multiple complex projects as new key players are brought on board.


You don't yet have the full business and technical expertise needed to make decisions.

SVA Bio-Ops Corporate Build Program

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SVA Consulting and our network of partners have real-world experience working with executives to successfully commercialize their companies.


We have built companies from the ground up, planning for the opportunities and pitfalls.


We have subject matter expertise in Finance, Supply Chain, Commercial and Medical Affairs operations to augment your team.


Our life science business platform provides a foundation for faster implementations and flexibility as your company grows and evolves.


We know how to implement systems that are secure and accessible from anywhere on any device.


We negotiate contracts with regulatory contingencies to manage your risk and seize opportunities.


We help you optimize when you hire full-time equivalent (FTE) employees, their alignment with the strategy and how they assume operational responsibilities.

See how we provided Exact Sciences with Measurable Results:


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Exact Sciences

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