Get To The Troubleshooting Faster!

One of my roles at SVA is to manage our support desk. There are MANY issues coming through our support desk and directly to our consultants on a daily basis. SVA wants to provide you with the best service possible. In order to do that, I thought it would be ​useful to share some tips to help you get to the troubleshooting faster!

How should the issue be submitted?

Our consultants are on the road and in their offices servicing our large client base each day. Often it is impossible for the lead on your project to respond to you immediately. The SVA Customer Support Desk was established to help you get answers more efficiently.
To help us serve you better, copy on your email and indicate the issue is time sensitive and cannot wait for a specific consultant.  We will work to assign the most appropriate and first available resource to get you started on the path to answers.

When submitting an issue, please provide information on the following questions (or all that apply):

1. How urgent is the issue?
2. Is this a problem for all users in your organization or one specific user (which one)?
3. What has changed on the workstation, server, or environment around the time this issue started?
4. Are you able to work around the issue or are you "down?"
5. If applicable, have you tried rebooting the machine or restarting your program?
6. Did you provide screen shots of the error messages and steps taken to create the issue in your case submission email?
7. Can the issue be recreated each time the steps are taken?
8. Does the issue relate to a customization?  Or will the problem still occur if a customization on the related screen is turned off? 
9. Can you recreate the issue when you login as SYSADMIN or a POWER USER?  Can the issue be recreated on the server?
10. Any other information that might be helpful in troubleshooting.

With the information above, we can get a case created in Microsoft CRM and start troubleshooting the issue when the email is received. We may even be able to provide an answer based on the initial inquiry email. 

Streamlining this process will help you get the answers you need in a timely manner. 

Don't forget to check out Customer Source for answers to some of your more general questions.

SVA Consulting is excited to work on serving you better. Together we can make issue resolution a 'pain-free' experience.

By Cheryl Mortvedt Download vCard | Sep 02, 2015

About the Author: Cheryl Mortvedt

Cheryl is a Senior Business Solutions Consultant with SVA Consulting, LLC, an affiliate of SVA Certified Public Accountants, S.C.

Cheryl brings over 15 years of consulting experience to the SVA Consulting team. In addition to consulting, Cheryl manages the ongoing support for all SVA clients by running our support desk.
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