Hackers #2 Target: Membership-Based Organizations

At this year's Microsoft Convergence conference, I had the opportunity to attend a session on digital cyber-crime presented by David Finn, associate general counsel for Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit (DCU). The purpose of this keynote was to educate the public on cyber​criminal attacks, how they are orchestrated, and what Microsoft is doing to help track and catch cyber criminals.

While the overall presentation was fascinating, one slide in particular caught my attention. That slide showed the IP addresses identified as the most heavily exploited computers used as a platform to attack other computers (via hacker malware) in the following sectors:

#1 - Education
#2 - Member-Based Organizations

This is very disturbing to say the least. Talking with our resident security and compliance officer, Clint Crigger, he mentioned that our member-based clients have a lot to lose as they have become hot targets. Every week breaches to systems means that member, constituent, and client data is being successfully hacked, but also that these same computers are now acting as zombie computers launching attacks on other computers. 

SVA has worked with several associations to help protect their members, their business, and their organization's brand integrity. We have assisted by identifying system as well as process weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and then providing a comprehensive plan to tackle the "holes". This plan provides our clients with a road map for corrective actions, oversight and continued monitoring of suspicious activity. The end result is protecting members, the member's interest in the association, and stopping hackers from using company computers to continue expanding cyber-crime activities. To learn more, please contact me at 608-826-2400. 

By SVA | Sep 18, 2015

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