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At our core, SVA Consulting is a Management Consulting firm. However, there is a differentiator that is alluring to stakeholders. That is, we go well beyond the normal practice of providing savvy recommendations to holding ourselves accountable for the actual business outcomes that stakeholders are seeking. We have the ability to execute, not just recommend.

Our value starts with a deep knowledge of business operations and strategy as a result of working with executives on their companies for over 25 years. This experiential knowledge combined with insight into the direction of the technology publishing industry guide us in making critical decisions and formulating plans. Accepting accountability for outcomes has driven us to excel in the discipline of change management and technology deployment. We have a proven track record of assisting our clients with envisioning their future, outlining a roadmap and leading the execution.

We have clients all over the United States with our corporate office located in the Heartland. We believe in straight talk, ethical business practices and we walk away from business that isn’t a good fit for us… or you.


SVA Consulting has had the pleasure of doing business all across the country. Check out where we’ve been on the map below.

Map of SVA Customer Locations

SVA Consulting Team Photo

SVA Consulting Executive Team

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Bryan Bechtoldt, MS, EdD
President and Principal
Andrew Petrasko
Eric Sampson

Client Engagement Leadership

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Lisa Jansen

Director of Application Development and DevOps

Chris Roswold
Director of Program Engagement
Mark Schafer
Chief Information Security Officer
Ben Stickney
Director of IT Services
Al Swarts
Commercialization Strategist
Travis Thompson
Director of Business Applications