Explore your options for cloud management platforms.

Services-based delivery is rapidly impacting the way you consume technology. As you look to cloud services to address the rising costs and growing demands in your data center, expert resources that can help you develop and implement cloud strategies with ease become even more helpful.

Introducing the SVA Consulting Cloud Marketplace – A simplified and user-friendly one-stop shop offering comprehensive cloud solutions that combines best-of-breed providers, flexible payment models, and a powerful cloud management toolset.

This unique combination of features grants you an easier selection of industry-leading services and providers, the ability to incorporate them into your existing infrastructure, and more seamless management and optimization of multiple cloud services for maximum efficiency.

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Are you frustrated with managing your cloud billing and usage? Are you plagued by problems such as account sprawl, departmental chargebacks, and complicated invoices?

The SVA Consulting Cloud Marketplace allows you to provision all your cloud services via one platform and consolidate billing at an entirely new level, providing a multi-tier approach that simplifies both billing and usage tracking. The Marketplace will help you:


Centralize accounts into a consolidated billing model


Accurately track and map usage and chargeback costs


Manage consolidated billing and provisioning


Optimize your resources

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