Key Player

Product Owner and Principal Consultant

Business Issue

This organization developed data-mining technology that has shown significant growth year over year, doubling the number of clients using this technology and the transactional volume that came with them. Explosive growth led the organization to pursue a Microsoft Azure platform, allowing the product scalability while leveraging the security and additional integration features of the cloud technology. However, changing the technology footprint of a live product to cutting-edge technology proved to be a formidable challenge. Compounding the complexity, the organization was onboarding the largest client to date at the same time!


The SVA Process

The company, determined to accommodate the product’s rapid growth while continuing to provide the high level of performance their clients were accustomed to, needed to migrate to a true cloud architecture and selected Microsoft Azure.

When the current provider (recommended by Microsoft) was unable to perform at the necessary speed or quality the company requested, SVA was engaged to complete the migration with only three months remaining until the targeted migration cut over.

SVA swiftly facilitated the development of the migration plan while implementing key parts of the project alongside the company’s team. In addition, the collaborative team migrated the legacy clients to the new platform within a week of the inaugural Azure-based client.

Business Outcome

The primary business result of scalability and the ability to integrate Active Directory functionality with large-named accounts was realized. The engagement also ensured the team made the dual deadline of implementing their largest client to date and migrating all legacy clients to the new platform.


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