Connecting systems and extending the life and value of your solutions with customized application development and web application development.


SVA Consulting’s team of software architects specialize in designing and building sustainable and connected systems. The goal is always to build a solution that is designed for the business and not on or in technology silos. We focus heavily on organizational efficiencies and making sure that the application infrastructure does not create unnecessary boundaries to the traditional business flow. This may take the form of a ground-up system build or simply integrating currently disparate systems. Either way, the goal is that your business is better connected to its information and it is built to sustain.

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Solutions Development Lifecycle

Our custom applications are developed using leading technologies, including:


Microsoft .NET


xRM & xRP Frameworks


XML & XML Technologies


Web Services & Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)


Database Architecture


Various forms of data transmission methods (EDI & HL7)

Through many years of collaborating with our clients, we have gained knowledge in many different industries and the expertise to develop best practices in custom software applications. Our developers and project managers are adept at working in either the waterfall or agile methodologies as determined by the specific project and your needs as our client.

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