Key Player

Product Owner and Principal Consultant

Business Issue

The product owner of an in-house development team was confronted with a make-or-break deadline of their largest implementation to date as well as critical new features in a new hosting environment. He needed to manage risks and progress on a daily basis, adapting the plan while not letting the deadline slip, but found he lacked visibility into the progress toward the goal. Each day was a struggle to answer the question of “How close are we to done?” and “Are we going to make it?”. Every day, work was performed and problems were solved, but were they any closer to completion?


The SVA Process

The high-velocity implementation using cutting-edge technology required a very flexible and agile approach. SVA became a member of the team, facilitating the creation of a milestone-based plan that reflected the spirit of the architectural direction of the product while maintaining the agility to adapt to challenges every day. To support the technical team, the high-level plan was broken down into the User Stories and Tasks needed to accomplish the milestone. Visibility into progress was provided through a quick implementation of agile project management software (Azure DevOps), facilitating a daily scrum and prioritizing tasks. Team members were trained on the source control software Git, while SVA provided support.

Business Outcome

The business result was the product owner now was able to hold the team accountable for their performance and had confidence in the visibility of the implementation process to its successful completion.


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