Improve your business with professional IT systems consulting.

You are looking to enhance your operations by replacing an existing system or introducing new business software. You believe there are several options available in the market, but you don’t have a formal process for comparing them or, more importantly, evaluating if any will truly work for your organization. Let us help.

Using a proven, proprietary methodology, our professionals guide your team through the evaluation process. Traditional approaches of creating feature/function lists, issuing RFPs, conducting demos and scoring routinely end with disappointing results. By contrast, our methodology focuses on improving the business - not just choosing a system. There is a difference.

Some highlights of what you receive when you work with SVA:

objectives icon

Clarity and prioritization of the business objectives you are attempting to address

identification icon

Identification and prioritization of factors needed to meet the business objectives

documentation icon

Documented alternatives and criteria used to investigate each alternative

agreed-upon icon

An agreed-upon approach to making the best decision for the organization


Measures to evaluate the success of the project

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