Ensure your business’ confidential information is safe.

Are you doing everything you can to protect your brand from damage?

80% of businesses are worried about hidden costs and damage to their brand due to poor performance.

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Business decision makers need to know where to focus resources and attention, but lack visibility. Far too many business leaders suffer from Executive Insomnia over cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Is the mounting pressure to protect your organization from cyber threats and maintain compliance threatening to rob you of focus?

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SVA Consulting’s Cybersecurity and Risk Management provides the framework to evaluate, manage and mitigate risk.

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Gain new insights into your current state of risk and compliance status

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Mature and standardize your compliance strategy that incorporates business objectives

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Monitor your new cybersecurity and compliance strategies

SVA Consulting can help your organization through these and other programs:

  • GRC Risk Assessment
  • GRC Compliance Assessment and Roadmap (FISMA, HIPAA, GLBA, NERC, PCI, SOX)
  • GRC Vulnerability Assessment and Management
  • Business Partner / Vendor Risk Assessment and Management
  • Asset Discovery and Threat Mapping (360° Information Service)
  • Information and IT Asset Discovery and Management
  • Vulnerability Management Program Consulting
  • Security Awareness Program Development

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