Key Player

Chief Operating Office and General Counsel

Business Issue

SVA consulted with the COO and General Counsel of a fast-growth healthcare company after a cybersecurity incident. The company needed to contain the damage from their cyber incident by ensuring the protection of their business, as well as that of their clients. In addition, they needed to restore trust by communicating the facts of the incident and what additional preventive measures will be put into place.


The SVA Process

SVA Consulting produced a cyber-incident containment report so the senior management team could proactively communicate the remediation status and preventive measures to key stakeholders including employees, customers, investors, law enforcement and insurance. This ensured the management team that when they needed to communicate around the event, they would have the necessary details and metrics to explain, describe and position the recovery and prevention program moving forward.

Business Outcome

Both the healthcare organization and their customers benefitted from the work SVA Consulting was able to perform:

  • Stopped the theft
  • Recovered 66% of the stolen money to date
  • Instituted new cybersecurity controls and employee awareness training
  • Reduced the time to identify an attack from weeks to minutes
  • Increased the response time from months to minutes
  • 99% of the customers leveraged the lesson learned of the healthcare company to strengthen their own cybersecurity programs



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