Key Player

Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of a healthcare company

Business Issue

As this high-growth healthcare company became more active in looking for acquisitions, they became a prime target for cyber-attacks, thus increasing their risk and exposure. A knowledge gap in the company’s capability prevented them from better protecting privacy and security for their firm as well as for their clients. .


The SVA Process

SVA Consulting functioned as a virtual Chief Information and Security Officer (CISO). In that role, they provided privacy and security leadership and defined the company’s direction on cybersecurity, privacy decisions, and future investments. SVA was able to translate the healthcare company’s business objectives into implementable tactical initiatives, while translating technical speak into executive insight.

SVA was able to create an understanding of the company’s risk posture with key executives. They were able to mature their IT and cybersecurity program, consisting of policies, procedures, training, auditing, visibility, security awareness, and communication protocols up, down, and through the business to clients. SVA also helped the company understand the impact of their business development activities (M&A/divestiture) so they could forecast resource requirements, and matured the process to meet the new risk profile, business growth and protection requirements.

Business Outcome

SVA provided a real-time build of a more mature cybersecurity program, which was applied to recent acquisitions in order to reduce risk. In addition, key measures and metrics were put into place to improve the company’s knowledge of how much risk they would be incurring on future acquisitions. This allowed the healthcare company executives and board members to make their decisios according to data.


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