SVA's Job Costing Management and Reporting Expertise Benefits HCSD

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As a division of Hammes Company, Hammes Company Sports Development has been building athletic stadiums for over 15 years. Bob Dunn, President, started with his own alma mater - the University of Wisconsin, Madison with the Kohl Center. They progressed into larger venues including the design, development and construction of NFL stadium projects such as MetLife Stadium, the redevelopment of Lambeau Field, Ford Field and most recently the Minnesota Vikings Stadium in Minneapolis.

Hammes Company Sports Development is now known in the marketplace for their project controls, risk management and budget control. This reputation has not only gained them notoriety…. but business as well. It is truly the HCSD point of difference and their unique value proposition. Their competition can’t possibly sell against the Hammes record of delivering projects within budget and on time.


SVA Consulting designed a proprietary job costing management and reporting system using industry standard technology. Given the fact that these complexes can be a blend of private and public monies, accountability and reporting are critical. These technology tools allow Hammes to report at any given time where they are in terms of the project scope and change orders and expenditures, which is essential for the NFL team owners, private investors and the state administrators to understand.

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