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"Technology can be acquired from anywhere. It is the trust and relationship Nordic has with SVA Consulting, and their people who have the expertise to create our vision, which was the critical success factor."

Eric Sampson, Former Chief Operations Officer


Cloud Based Enterprise Infrastructure Benefits Nordic




Healthcare Services

Business Need:

Enterprise Infrastructure, Intranet


Strategic IT


Secured Employee Portal




Nordic was founded in 2010 in Madison, WI out of an opportunity in the Electronic Health Records (EHR) space to enable hospitals to realize their return on their investment in their EHR system.

Nordic, being a young company, was able to set up an infrastructure that was a completely cloud-based system from Day One. But in doing so they were running a variety of different systems.

According to Eric Sampson, former Chief Operating Officer, “We approached SVA Consulting to help us take our enterprise infrastructure to the next level in order to scale with the business and provide a platform that would allow our continued growth."

"We also came to SVA to work on a technology solution that would allow us to bring our people together from around the globe.”

The intranet platform SVA Consulting designed and built creates a unique communication, collaboration and cultural experience for a dispersed group of employees. The ultimate goal of the Employee Portal is to attract, connect and retain the best consultants and to help them better serve their clients through connected activities and overall awareness of the Nordic organizational goals.


  • Intranet Portal that allows users to network and collaborate with colleagues
  • Cloud based enterprise infrastructure that supports future growth
  • Employees access via a portal using multiple devices and/or browsers
  • 87.9% of employees visit the site a minimum of once a month
  • 80% of employees agree the portal is easy to use

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