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"A value I think about when working with SVA is integrity. When I think about integrity I think about accountability and trust. I trusted SVA as a partner."

Amanda Berg, Chief Financial Officer


SVA Consulting's Business Systems Transformation Expertise Benefits Slipstream


Merger of two synergistic nonprofit organizations


Non-Profit in the Energy sector

Business Need:

Rapid merger of separate business systems in 6 weeks




Data Strategy, Data Management, Program Management, Business Automation, Technology Merge


Two non-profits in the energy sector (Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation (WECC) and Seventhwave) decided to take the necessary transformational steps to unite their two firms and their passion for energy together and create Slipstream.

Slipstream creates, tests, delivers and scales the next generation of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs that move us farther, faster toward a clean energy economy. Slipstream partners with utilities, local and state governments, regulatory agencies and other organizations to inspire new solutions to big energy challenges. With over 39 years of being in existence demonstrating what’s next in programs and technologies, Slipstream is an established and trusted trailblazer in the industry.

After many months of discussions and decisions, the leadership of these two organizations hit the “GO” button to combine as one. Shortly after, they contacted SVA Consulting to be their “GO TO” partner to merge their systems.

This was a major and successful undertaking in a 6-week period to convert, operate and find efficiencies along the way in the two firm’s critical business functions. SVA’s experience in working with one of the organizations for over 10 years gave them insights in what their data strategy and management could look like expediting the process. ERPs are typically the intersection of accounting and all of the other business functions (i.e., payroll, accounts payable and receivable, supply chain, business automation, profitability, internal controls, etc.).

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