SVA Continues to Support Women in Business

Since its inception, SVA’s Women in Business initiative has supported not only SVA’s own successful women but also business women in the local community.  Through the annual Women in Business breakfast, advertorial features of local successful business women, and highlights of SVA’s own women leaders, SVA has been active in cultivating and supporting a culture of growth and opportunity.

Now in its third year, SVA’s Women in Business initiative is still as strong as ever. Turning the focus internally, SVA has launched a series of quarterly events intended to create an environment of learning and encouragement. On July 24, 2019, SVA held the inaugural event in this internal series which featured Mary Burke, Founder of Building Brave.

Building Brave was started to connect women to support when and where they need it.  The Building Brave app is like a 24/7 support squad – a community for women who are going places, with help from women who’ve been there. SVA has established their own private women’s business mentoring community within the Building Brave app. Here the women of SVA are connected virtually with advice, guidance, and support to keep their careers on track.

For more information on how to join the Building Brave community and be connected to other business women, visit

By SVA | Aug 02, 2019

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