Day of Autonomy Held at SVA Consulting

To address the pressure of time constraints on developing new and innovative research, process improvement, and self-education, SVA Consulting has launched a series of events called Day of Autonomy. Held three times per year, the Day of Autonomy event is a 24-hour window in which a team member or group can work on a passion project of their choosing.

Numerous innovative projects incubated during the Day of Autonomy events have graduated to become business-critical components of both internal and external solutions. Failure is celebrated as well – sometimes research projects turn out to be dead-ends and serve as guides to prevent other team members from making the same mistakes.

Beyond the projects themselves, and the obvious morale boost, there are some unintended benefits to running this event as well. The presentation format gives participants a chance to boost their soft skills. Taking a Day of Autonomy participant out of their day-to-day project work gives their project team an opportunity to stretch and fill the talent gap.

Piloting a Day of Autonomy event is an inexpensive, effective way to empower tech teams towards innovation, and is a great reward for a team’s hard work.

By SVA | Nov 15, 2019

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