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SVA Consulting’s Jeff Lewis Named Chief Technology Officer

SVA Consulting, LLC (SVAC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeff Lewis as Chief Technology Officer. Jeff’s transition comes at an exciting time for the organization as he will play a pivotal role in the continuing advancement of our technology practices, including relationship development with channel partners, optimization of best practices and standards, and leading our clients in vision setting. Jeff will focus on researching and evangelizing tools, technologies, and frameworks that offer a competitive advantage to our clients. Further, Jeff will align SVAC’s internal technical skillsets to best fulfill current and future client needs.

“Jeff has long been leading clients in very large and complex projects, defining technology solutions that are at the same time advanced but practical. As an organization of “Business People Who Understand Technology”, we are devoted to our ability to understand and guide clients in technological decision making, and Jeff is a significant asset in this area,” states Bryan Bechtoldt, President of SVA Consulting. 

Jeff joined SVAC in 2014 and most recently held the role of Data Solutions Development Manager. Jeff has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry and completed the Berkley CTO Program at The University of California-Berkley in January 2020. 

Prior to joining SVA Consulting, Jeff held several positions in Global Information Management for SC Johnson & Son, Inc., working primarily with the company’s sales and marketing functions to design and implement advanced point-of-sale, inventory management, and supply chain analytics systems.

By SVA | Aug 17, 2020

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