Key Player

Senior Leadership

Business Issue

A Phase 3 biopharmaceutical company was wrestling with planning their first product launch globally. Based in Europe, the company needed to create a plan to build out their business architecture considering the unique requirements between the EU and US. Senior leadership acknowledged that while highly capable, their functional managers didn’t have the commercial experience or knowledge of the US market to perform proper planning. SVA Bio-Ops worked with the functional managers to perform a pre-launch health check to inform their planning efforts.


The SVA Process

SVA Bio-Ops conducted information exchange meetings with each functional manager to understand their current plans to share knowledge and identify gaps. SVA Bio-Ops consultants worked with stakeholders and leadership to problem solve, develop options, and provide their observations to inform management decisions. Based on years of experience in the Emerging Life Science marketspace, SVA Bio-Ops utilized their proprietary commercialization planning tool which is comprised of the essential business capabilities and requirements needed to start up and operate a successful ELS enterprise. Finally SVA Bio-Ops leveraged their investment in video conferencing to collaborate with key stakeholders and third party partners across the globe within travel and timeline constraints.

Business Outcome

The combination of SVA Bio-Op’s knowledgeable consultants, comprehensive commercialization planning tool and a highly engaged group of client stakeholders created a foundation for the newly formed PMO to visualize and discuss what the commercialization program needed to accomplish prior to launching in both the EU and US.


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