Key Player

Vice President of Medical Affairs

Business Issue

SVA Bio-Ops consulted with the VP of Medical Affairs in a biopharmaceutical company during their clinical development phase to determine a process in which the organization could realize the benefit of improved collaboration between all sectors of the firm as it relates to competitive market intelligence. It was determined that in the early phases of development, the team lost too much time surveying the marketplace and the competitors within, as well as routing information around the organization via emails.


The SVA Process

SVA Bio-Ops created a market surveillance tool that mines public data sources for changes in the competitor landscape by utilizing user-defined searches that run on a scheduled frequency. After a search is run for the first time, the tool pulls and stores the results, and on the scheduled re-runs of the search, it surfaces any changes or new information that has become available since the last time the query was run. The searches and their mined data is aggregated and available for all users to view and disseminate.

Business Outcome

Not only does this reduce management of data via email by consolidating and automating the competitive information, it also gives the organization current data to make informed business decisions around. Those decisions give the company the timely ability to determine how to position themselves:

  • How do the current treatment options of a competitor effect their market position?
  • Should they partner with another Emerging Life Science firm?
  • Should they purchase?

This data gives insight into necessary business strategy changes, which allows them to continue their mission of innovation in their medical space.


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