Key Player

Vice President of Sales Operations

Business Issue

SVA Bio-Ops was brought in by the VP of Sales Operations for a late biopharmaceutical company in the last three months prior to their PDUFA date. The VP was stretched thin, directing multiple projects all with the same due date! The sales representative credentialing program hadn’t been started and needed to still get done. Without it, their sales reps wouldn’t have access to the hospitals and institutions that were so vital to the success of the product and patients in need. He contacted SVA Bio-ops for help.


The SVA Process

Sales Rep Credentialing is one of the many SVA Bio-Ops business solution templates designed to give clients a head start when building new business capabilities. The SVA Bio-Ops team assembled target lists of institutions, contacted known credentialing vendors and selected two that would provide sufficient institutional coverage. Next they facilitated contracting and onboarding. Finally they worked with the HR and Compliance functions on forms and document management, and completed the current sales representatives’ profiles and backgrounds needed in time for the promotional launch. To create a sustainable capability, SVA Bio-Ops designed the recruitment, hiring, credentialing and on-boarding process for future sales representatives and transitioned ongoing management to internal staff.

Business Outcome

This work gave the biopharmaceutical company’s corporate executives the focus and time to work on those functions that added higher value to the organization, while SVA Bio-Ops ensured their sales reps had access to customers to engage in meaningful discussions about their newly approved product. This project reduced the firm’s risk and increased the likelihood of sales success.


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