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Ready to Give Your Productivity an ENERGY BOOST?

Presented by:

Andrea Hayes


SVA Consulting

Webinar details:

Dreading the next request for a report because the data is difficult to access and then requires manipulation?

Tired of chasing down that folder of AP invoices waiting to be reviewed and approved?

Does inventory inaccuracy and lack of visibility into data, like lead times, give you nightmares?

Does the thought of reconciling your bank statements leave you feeling queasy?

Companies on newer, modern ERP platforms like Acumatica perform more efficiently than their peers that stay on outdated systems. These companies realize there is a cost to do nothing, and instead choose to take advantage of tools that lower costs by making everyday tasks easier, less time-consuming as well as making information more accessible to everyone.

Watch and we will show you how you can use workflows to track AP approvals, create dashboards that allow users to self-service information, use automation tools to reconcile data, and set up notifications to alert to changing conditions.

We discussed:

  • Optimize routine tasks, reduce missed deadlines, avoid delays
  • Enhance productivity with real-time and customizable reporting
  • Drill down to granular data from personalized dashboards

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