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SolarWinds Orion Breach Update: What You Need To Know

Mark Schafer | SVAC Insights | Jan 7, 2021 1:31:59 PM

On December 8, 2020, one of the world's largest security firms, FireEye, announced it had been hacked by a "highly sophisticated...

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The Future of Connected Devices

Mark Schafer | SVAC Insights | Nov 2, 2020 10:07:34 AM

In our fourth and final post for October’s Cybersecurity Month we will be talking about the future of connected devices....

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Securing Internet-Connected Devices in the Healthcare Industry

Mark Schafer | Physician/Healthcare Industry SVAC Insights | Oct 23, 2020 1:54:26 PM

Welcome back to Week 3 of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This week we are discussing securing Internet-connected devices,...

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Securing Devices at Home and Work

Mark Schafer | SVAC Insights | Oct 14, 2020 9:14:43 AM

For Week 2 of October’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we are discussing Securing Devices at Home and Work. This year we saw a...

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Why Protecting Your Internet-Connected Devices at Home is Important

Mark Schafer | SVAC Insights | Oct 8, 2020 9:57:56 AM

"If you connect it, protect it" This is a short and simple slogan we've taken straight from this year's Cybersecurity Awareness...

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A Structured Approach to Considering The Future After COVID-19

Dr. Bryan Bechtoldt, EdD | | Apr 17, 2020 4:57:58 PM

In an attempt to prepare myself for leadership in a post-COVID-19 world, I embarked on an educational journey to increase my...

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A Leaders Learning Plan for the Post COVID-19 Future

Dr. Bryan Bechtoldt, EdD | | Apr 7, 2020 2:37:33 PM

With the world reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a bit hard to make sense of our current place. In this regard, our...

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The Building of Organizational Trust

Dr. Bryan Bechtoldt, EdD | SVAC Insights | Apr 1, 2020 5:26:21 PM

I think we would all agree that the cultivation and building of trust between people is an essential component to building...

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