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SVA Consulting provides an open and candid guided discovery with executives to understand the vision. We then set the stage for how to execute that vision. We prioritize actions and timelines around the vision, close gaps or barriers, adopt a data-centric approach, and manage the program.


Guided Discovery


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Data-Centric Approach


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Our Guided Discovery is a paid engagement with the required signed confidentiality agreements in place. It is a process that we have developed which encourages an open, candid, and successful dialogue executive-to-executive, owner-to-owner, with both parties having significant roles in the process. The process is conducted by one of SVA Consulting’s shareholders to ensure it stays focused on the highest level of dialogue leading to the client’s vision of the future. It is an imperative first step and a critical success factor in determining the fit between our two companies working together toward a shared understanding of the future vision. Only then can we be a partner with shared accountabilities in executing on that vision.

The transformation of a business is a messy process. There is internal strife over understanding what the vision is and why it is imperative to move forward with it. Also key stakeholders’ individual belief systems, power, status, and their desire to move forward are additional elements that can lead to stonewalling necessary change. These are people barriers that create risk. In order to move the vision forward, we first have to discover where barriers exist, then we create a consistent and disciplined communication plan so all stakeholders fundamentally understand the vision and WHY it is vital to the future growth of the company.

Data itself has become an organization’s primary and permanent asset, as applications come and go. Company IT departments do a good job on the creation and capture of data but our focus is to actively leverage that data. Data must be discoverable, reachable, and consumable while meeting critical requirements such as security, scalability, and integrity for it to have strategic value to the transformation of your business. Utilizing a Data Lake to store and process data assists companies in launching analytics programs quickly and establishing a data-friendly culture for the long term and long after we exit the business.

Our methodology is based on the Project Management Institute, which was founded in 1969 and has trained 2.9 million professionals in nearly every country in the world. This is an established methodology with core values that align to many of our own including accountability, ethical behavior, and encouragement of diverse viewpoints. We use Four Block as our presentation style to give progress updates to work groups and their sponsor. This is a single-page report divided into four sections: What (scope), Issues/Risks/Changes (controls), Achieved Activities, and Next Activities.

"When you get that combination of expertise, desire and a real hunger to learn the business before they start to tell you what the solutions are, I think is one of the greatest assets in this process for me."

Mike Theo

President & CEO

Wisconsin REALTORS® Association

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