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Experienced and forward-thinking professionals that advise and guide an organization by providing the best technology solutions to maximize efficiency.  An organization may need a virtual CTO under any of the following situations:

  • Your organization is having difficulty keeping up with the changing demands of technology.
  • Technology issues in the office are becoming a distraction.
  • Your company can't justify the resources to hire an in-house staff member to manage IT.
  • You see value in ongoing IT service rather than emergency quick fixes.

Virtual CTOs can participate in management decisions in an effort to communicate and align an IT strategy to organizational goals, while keeping up to date on technology trends, standards, and compliance regulations.

SVA Consulting provides a full spectrum of business and technology professionals who come together to understand your business, processes, current technology, and goals to align a technology strategy that benefits the business overall. 

Strategy development can be a short-term exercise to overcome a specific challenge, or foundational to technology use within an organization. In today's technology-driven world, it is vital for technology use to align with business objectives and goals.

What is the cloud anyway?  With so much marketing and hype around moving to the cloud, being in the cloud, and going cloud first, it’s hard to know who to trust and what services to subscribe to.  Our technology professionals take practical, hands-on experience, coupled with industry best practices, to help develop a cloud strategy that makes sense for your business.  We are cloud platform agnostic and we work with you to select the best platform(s) for your business needs.

Cloud Data Center Management:

Moving to the cloud doesn't always mean there is no management required.  Often times migrating to the cloud reduces hardware management and necessary data center management.  What's left is application and data management.  Our professionals are experienced solution management engineers.  Using best practices, automated monitoring technology solutions, and fit for purpose alerting, SVA Consulting can monitor and maintain your cloud solution, be it service based, infrastructure as a service, or data.

Office 365 Professional Services:

Is your organization using Office 365 or are you thinking about a migration strategy to the cloud platform?  SVA Consulting is a Microsoft Cloud Services Provider.  Our experienced team can assist in planning migrations, deployments, configurations, and training for your Office 365 platform.


Technology can be acquired from anywhere. It is the trust and relationship Nordic has with SVA Consulting, and their people who have the expertise to create our vision, which was the critical success factor.

Eric Sampson
Former Chief Operations Officer

Our Professionals

  • Bindul Turakhia

    Executive Director, Life Sciences

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    Project Manager

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    Senior Consultant

  • Jeffrey Lewis

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Eric Sampson


  • Andrew Petrasko


  • Ben Stickney

    Director of IT Services

  • Mark Schafer

    Chief Information Security Officer

  • Al Swarts

    Commercialization Strategist

  • Chris Roswold

    Director of Program Engagement

  • Bryan Bechtoldt, MS, EdD

    President and Principal

  • Andrew DeMarco


  • Jenny Herritz


  • Tim Hanson


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