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How Organizations Evolve to Limit the Supply Chain Impact

How Organizations Are Evolving to Limit the Supply Chain Impact

Supply chain issues are impacting daily life in both business and personal aspects. In the past year, every person has been affected in big or small ways.

Anyone engaged in supply chain currently has to be conscious of the issues that come from all aspects. Organizations have had to completely overhaul their approach in order to be much more focused on their systems.

Be Aware of Your Inventory

Organizations have to be more aware of their inventory. They can no longer be reliant on their gut feeling. It has flipped to a more data and analytic planning approach.

They must do a better job of focusing on lead times and reorder times. Getting control over the planning data is so important now. And it has also flipped from written data to almost fully digitized.

Focus on Efficiency

Because of the elongated supply chain, there needs to be more efficiency from top to bottom in every organization.

This has led to accelerated adoption of all efficiency technologies possible such as barcoding technology and reduction of transit times. These technologies (barcoding specifically) can improve accuracy.

The intent will not be to shorten the supply chain, but to make it more accurate and predictable. The ambiguity of the supply chain is what is causing a true issue. The gaps between services do not allow for preparation.

Ensuring access to consumable data is an essential step to fixing some of the supply chain issues facing us now.

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Authored by: Dr. Bryan Bechtoldt, EdD

Authored by Dr. Bryan Bechtoldt, EdD

Bryan is the President and Principal for SVA Consulting, LLC, a member of the SVA family of companies. In his role, Bryan works with SVA’s clients to help them prepare their organization for transformation through shaping vision and development of implementation strategies.

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