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Inside Acumatica's CRM: Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support

Inside Acumatica's CRM: A Thrilling Expedition into Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support

Marketing, sales, and customer support teams rely on optimized customer data, automated processes, and robust analytics to better understand the needs and preferences of both prospective and current clients.

Acumatica’s CRM system offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to manage customer relationships from lead generation all the way to post-sale support. The system's seamless integration with Acumatica's ERP provides a unified platform, offering a 360-degree view of the customer and ensuring all departments have access to accurate and timely data.

Key Features of Acumatica's CRM

Lead Management

Acumatica’s CRM enables the generation and qualification of leads with ease. Leads can be tracked through various activities, either directly through the CRM interface or via the native Outlook plugin. This integration allows for seamless communication and ensures all lead-related activities are captured and accessible.

Quote to Cash Process

Acumatica’s CRM can manage the entire sales process, from opportunities to quotes, sales orders, and finally, invoicing. This end-to-end process management ensures that sales teams can operate efficiently, reducing the time taken to convert leads into paying customers.

Marketing Automation

Acumatica provides robust marketing automation tools, allowing businesses to create dynamic or static marketing lists and campaigns. These tools enable targeted marketing efforts tailored to different segments such as leads, business accounts, and existing customers, ensuring higher engagement and conversion rates.

Customer Support

The case management feature tracks and manages customer support issues. Support cases can be linked to various entities within Acumatica, providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions and ensuring timely updates and resolutions.

sva-consulting-acumatica-webinar-streamlining-business-processes-with-acumatica-workflows-featuredimageInsight: Streamlining Business Processes with Acumatica Workflows

Practical Use Cases of Acumatica's CRM

Lead Generation and Management

Generating and qualifying leads can be initiated directly from emails received in Outlook, making the process seamless. Leads are then tracked and managed within Acumatica, ensuring that all follow-ups and activities are recorded.

Sales Pipeline Management

Opportunities can be tracked through various stages within the sales pipeline, from initial contact to closing the sale. The system allows for creating sales quotes directly from opportunities, which can then be converted into sales orders and invoices with minimal effort.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing teams can leverage dynamic and static lists to create tailored campaigns. For example, a campaign might target new contacts and leads generated over the past two months, with activities and ROI tracked to measure the campaign's success.

Customer Support and Case Management

Support cases can be created and managed within the CRM, linked directly to sales orders or other relevant entities. This integration ensures that customer support teams have all the necessary information to resolve issues promptly and efficiently.

sva-consulting-insights-blog-acumatica-crm-optimization-capabilitiesInsight: Acumatica CRM Optimization Capabilities

Manage Customer Relationships

Acumatica’s CRM offers a robust, integrated solution for managing customer relationships across marketing, sales, and support functions. By providing real-time data, automated processes, and comprehensive visibility, Acumatica’s CRM empowers businesses to make informed decisions, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive growth.

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Authored by: Jon Rosene

Authored by Jon Rosene

Jon is a Practice Manager of Business Applications with SVA Consulting, a member of the SVA family of companies. In his role, Jon’s focus is to understand his clients’ organizational capabilities, requirements, targets, and constraints to develop a purposeful solution while leveraging technology and standardized methodologies as appropriate. His goal is to allow organizations to maintain ownership of their future while being the trusted advisor that provides guidance along the way.

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