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New Features of Acumatica's 2023 R1 Release | SVA Consulting

New Features of Acumatica's 2023 R1 Release

What’s new in Acumatica 2023 R1? The latest Acumatica release offers increased customization, enhanced financial management, and an improved user experience.

Usability Enhancements

Previously, if you had a company with branches requiring balancing or any distinction at a company level, consolidating them was not possible. With this release, even those companies with a branch designation can be used as a consolidation source.

Data integrity continues to be a priority with each release. In the past, reactivating a company would not always align with the master financial calendar. Now, reactivating a company will also generate a calendar for it.

Improvements have also been made on tax validation processes to minimize confusion regarding multiple tax zones associated with countries, states, and zip codes. In addition, changes in the master financial calendar and fixed asset calendar can now synch with each other.

Core Finance Enhancements

This release features cleaner descriptions. Document names and conventions have been refined for clarity, such as payment references, refund information, and more. In addition, there is now a plugin to integrate with credit card processing and payment platforms. Customizable processing features are also available.

CRM Boosts

Out-of-the-box reports now feature increased availability for opportunities and CRM inquiries. This enhances visibility into your pipeline, so you always know what is coming and what other opportunities are available.

Users can now also incorporate more fields into their deduplication process to avoid duplicates of leads, contacts, or business accounts.

sva-consulting-from-quote-to-cash-create-convert-and-process-a-lead-with-acumatica-02-2Insight: From Quote to Cash: Create, Convert, and Process a Lead with Acumatica

Inventory and Order Management Upgrades

This release now includes predefined user roles, filling a significant gap. This includes roles like admin, manager, clerk, and viewer, among others. For environments with high transaction volumes, the new archive policy helps improve performance by archiving non-active documents.

Manufacturing Tweaks

Enhancements around the user interface make transactions more seamless, and features like direct labor transactions from the production order are time savers. Acumatica can now also deallocate any unused materials, further optimizing the production order process.

Projects and Construction Upgrades

A comprehensive revamp of all project reports and inquiries has been done to improve clarity and utility, and there are no more limitations of linking projects to specific locations, enabling true inventory tracking by the project.

Daily field reports in Acumatica can now incorporate progress reports and sheets. These reports are also accessible through mobile applications.

Lien waivers and joint payments have also seen significant enhancements, making their generation and handling a much smoother process.

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Authored by: Andrea Hayes

Authored by Andrea Hayes

Andrea is a Principal for SVA Consulting, LLC, a member of the SVA family of companies. Andrea has a BA from University of Wisconsin, Madison and more than fifteen years of analyst and consulting experience in the private and public sectors. She has expertise forming vision and strategy to help small to mid-size businesses utilize people, processes and technology to optimize operations and realize their goals. Andrea has a diverse background merging analytics, consulting and strategy. She has played a pivotal role in numerous, large scale, ERP, analytics, and data integration implementations across a variety of industries. Prior to joining SVA Consulting, Andrea worked at an affective neuroscience laboratory, contributing to study design, managing analyzing data, and writing grants. She is also published in Nature Neuroscience Journal. Andrea has experience working in the life sciences industry as a management consultant for clients specializing in medical affairs.

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