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Transform Your eCommerce Fulfillment with Integrated Systems

Transforming Your eCommerce with Inventory Transparency and Integrated Systems

Google, fast food, Amazon, fast lanes, supersonic flights, InstaCart, Siri, fast drying paint, DoorDash, 2x video speed…

Phew, I need a breather! Although there are many articles out there discussing the benefits of slowing down, living in the moment, etc., the reality is, today’s world moves extremely fast, and that is never going to change. In fact, it will likely continue to move faster.

Customer impatience is real, and it is why 22% of customers abandon their eCommerce carts – delivery time is too slow (Baynard).

Today, everyone is used to having what they want at their disposal quickly. This includes your online customers. When your customers order from your site, they likely aren’t expecting your order fulfillment time to be as fast as a supersonic flight, or maybe not even as fast as Amazon’s same-day delivery, but they’re impatient, and at least expecting it to come close.

What do you think? Are you meeting these expectations?

Keep reading to learn how one of our customers expedited their order fulfillment process, and how you can, too!

Customer Highlight: Midsize Distribution Company

This midsize distribution company specializes in sourcing and delivering a diverse range of products to companies across the United States, prioritizing efficiency, quality, and reliability. To achieve these goals, they recognized the importance of streamlining their front-office and back-office operations. This led to working with SVA Consulting to integrate their eCommerce and ERP systems for a high-quality customer experience.

Seeking to better serve their B2B customer base and optimize their online order entry and fulfillment processes, the company invested in the modern eCommerce platform BigCommerce, with native integration with Acumatica ERP. By leveraging advanced technologies, they were able to fully integrate their front and back-office operations, significantly enhancing their order fulfillment process and customer service.

You, too, can streamline your order fulfillment process, and it starts by leveraging two key aspects: inventory transparency and integrated systems.

ERP Infographic 1

Fulfillment Sweet-Spot: Inventory Transparency and Integrated Systems

An efficient order fulfillment process begins with the ability to accurately track inventory within your eCommerce store. After all, how will you be able to fulfill an order if you don’t even have the item you are trying to ship in your inventory?

Modern eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce offer native inventory tracking capabilities, allowing merchants to track inventory on hand and providing customers with transparency when ordering. This way, customers know if an item is running low, backordered, or out of stock.

As you all know, there is a lot more involved in order fulfillment, though. Order fulfillment involves multiple aspects, including inventory, warehouses, vendors, drop-shipping, shipping carriers, and more. Fulfilling orders within your eCommerce site doesn’t need to be, and shouldn’t be, a strenuous, manual process.

By leveraging native eCommerce and ERP integrations, merchants can leverage the seamless workflow of front-office operations such as product inventory and customer ordering, to back-office operations such as order fulfillment and invoicing.

If you truly want to keep up with eCommerce trends, it goes beyond just what your customers are seeing on your site. The modern eCommerce experience begins with an integrated eCommerce and ERP.

Are you ready to make the digital transformation? SVA Consulting can help.

Learn more about our eCommerce and integrated ERP services, or better yet, click the button below to talk to us. We haven’t abandoned the old art of conversation, yet!

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Authored by: Cailee Hanson

Authored by Cailee Hanson

Cailee works as a Business Solutions and Pre-Sale Consultant at SVA Consulting. She collaborates with prospects and clients daily to grasp their needs, leverage technology to align with their business objectives, and identify opportunities for organizational growth. Cailee plays a pivotal role in driving the success of numerous eCommerce, CRM, and digital transformation projects for clients. Cailee's understanding and identification of ever-evolving industry trends assist her in providing quality service to clients to help them reach Measurable Results. With a degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Cailee infuses each project with an entrepreneurial perspective to drive success for all stakeholders involved.

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