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SVA’s Andrea Hayes Featured in Milwaukee Business Journal article

SVA Consulting professional Andrea Hayes is featured in a guest column for the Milwaukee Business Journal with her article titled “Demystifying Business Transformation”.

The speed of technological change in business today demands continuous agility and reflection in order to remain competitive. There are three considerations aimed to help businesses navigate uncertainty:

  • Revisit your Vision – Every enterprise has a purpose and a company’s vision lays the groundwork for transformation because it sets the bounds for change. Routinely dusting off that vision will set the guardrails for change.
  • Diagnose the Change – Most executives have a hunch where their problems lie but the risk in relying upon intuition to drive organizational change is its inherent fallibility. Instead, a systematic approach where a neutral party interviews key functional areas can form an objective narrative which defines growth opportunities and diagnoses potential organizational dysfunction.
  • Develop a Roadmap – A formal roadmap should include the first step of selecting the least complex, highest impact recommendations and implementing them immediately. Next, sequence remaining recommendations by prioritizing those most impactful to the business. Sharing the drivers for change helps align the team who will shoulder the biggest burden of carrying out the plan.

Andrea is a Project Manager/Business Analyst for SVA Consulting, LLC, a member of the SVA family of companies. She effectively coordinates the activities of diverse groups of people to achieve project outcomes. Andrea is adept at solving business process challenges and mapping to drive process and solution design. She closely monitors project plans to proactively identify and mitigate risk. She is trained as an Alignment Manager and accomplished at diagnosing and optimizing the alignment of stakeholders to achieve common objectives.

By SVA | Apr 28, 2020

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