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SVA’s Mark Schafer Featured in article in BizTimes Milwaukee

SVA Consulting’s Mark Schafer is featured in an Inside the Industry article on IT security in BizTimes Milwaukee magazine.

In today’s business climate, most people are familiar with security breaches and regulators try to help by passing laws or regulations to help prepare organizations with the threat. But with each regulation comes more compliance requirements and now a company has to do both security and compliance. The starting line for security is the regulatory requirements. Then a full cybersecurity program can be designed that meets the compliance requirements of the company’s industry.

Mark is the Chief Information Security Officer for SVA Consulting, LLC, a member of the SVA family of companies. He is a recognized consultant and leader in security program design and build, ensuring the security strategies he deploys are in alignment with his client’s business objectives. He is also experienced in risk assessment and management, compliance and security awareness training.  

By SVA | Feb 12, 2020

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