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SVA Consulting collaborates with company executive teams and stakeholders (general counsel, Board of Directors, regulating authorities) to ensure that intellectual property, financial systems, and client data are secure, safe, and accessible.


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The long-term costs to a business and its brand image from a cyberattack can be devastating. A security strategic plan, with the underlying tactics identified, can stave off cyberattacks and put your company on the offensive vs. the defensive.

We work with companies to design a cybersecurity framework that provides the structure and methodology to protect your important digital assets, while tackling the complicated challenge of compliance and regulatory requirements. There is no reason in today’s environment to settle for anything less than safeguarding your sensitive digital assets just as you protect your physical space and employees. Cybersecurity is a strategic business issue.

Our experience includes assessing vulnerabilities, drafting action plans to abate those vulnerabilities, and selecting the right controls and technologies to safeguard your data from on-going threats, while keeping your organization in compliance with ever-changing laws and regulations.

The list of security frameworks we can build are:

  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Protection Act)
  • NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology)
  • CSF (Cyber Security Framework)
  • 800-53
  • 800-171

CIS CSC 20 (Center for Internet Security 20 most Critical Security Controls)

Cybersecurity is a strategic business issue with enormous financial, reputational, and regulatory implications. Below are just a few of the statistics that business owners and executives in any size organization need to be aware of:

  • More than 4000 ransomware attacks occur every day (FBI)
  • 91% of cyberattacks begin with a phishing email, which is commonly used to infect organizations with ransomware (KnowBe4)
  • Data breaches increased by 160% from 2006 to 2019 (Bluefin)
  • The average cost to a company of a successful cyberattack is over $1.1 million (Dynasis)

To meet a company’s objectives during response, mitigation and recovery efforts, policies and procedures, including monitoring processes, information, and communications, must be reviewed and security protocols redesigned. Security tools should be put into place, but only the tools that make sense to the business. SVA Consulting does not partner with any particular security vendor which allows us to help choose solutions that best match your business need.

Going forward, aligning business leaders and stakeholders around a new cybersecurity vision and implementation plan is critical to on-going success.

A “virtual” Chief Information Security Officer is a practical option for any business and one that SVA Consulting can provide that will integrate as an extension of your team. First, finding a full-time CISO is next to impossible due to the demand on experience and availability. Second, they typically come with a high executive compensation package and third, their tenure in typically shorter than desired.

vCISOs are highly competent, bring executive leadership, are available on-demand (part time or full time), have a variety of skills and experiences, and are contracted to meet the desired results set by the business, with no hidden vendor-based or political agendas. Whether the company is small or mid-size, each business needs the same level of security and intelligence that larger firms have in place….if not more so.

Your team will have a single point of contact as your vCISO works with them to create a cybersecurity framework flexible to your needs, complete with executive advising, security controls and compliance, operational policies, best practices, staff education around how to prepare, assess and respond to security incidents, and clear communication with the leadership team and board of directors.

SVA Consulting’s security and data privacy professionals are experienced in compliance and can:

  • Assist your company to reduce risk with establishing and maintaining compliance efforts around Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Healthcare (HIPAA) data security
  • Work with existing compliance, audit, legal, and privacy staff to build a comprehensive set of controls that work in harmony with existing controls

SVA Consulting uses industry best practices and frameworks, combined with our experience, to provide complete policy packages, procedures, and processes. We identify and document a list of gaps, improvements, and action items needed in order to implement and fulfill your policy requirements.

SVA Consulting’s security engineers work with your company’s workforce to implement security controls such as:

  • Log monitoring, data loss prevention, inventory asset management, identity access management, and vulnerability management
  • Configuring continuous monitoring detection alerts and documenting alert follow-ups
  • Facilitating tabletop exercises to test company emergency, business continuity, and disaster recovery procedures

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