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Effectively Manage Time and Expenses in Acumatica | SVA

Effectively Manage Time and Expenses in Acumatica

Replace manual entry, tracking, and reporting by leveraging the advanced management capabilities of Acumatica’s Time and Expense module. Read on to learn more about this module and how to harness the technology of your modern, cloud-based ERP and eliminate unnecessary processes within your organization.

Key Features:

  • Enhance your organizational workflow with centralized time and expense management
  • Remove manual processes by leveraging approval pathways and self-service reporting
  • Improve your team’s experience through mobile application capabilities

Native Time Capture

Acumatica’s integrated functionality is just one of its advantages. Businesses no longer need to juggle multiple software solutions; instead, Acumatica provides native time and expense capture.

This integrated approach ensures everything from project accounting, construction, and manufacturing to payroll finds its home within Acumatica.

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Thanks to its cloud-based ERP nature, Acumatica is entirely device-agnostic. Whether you’re operating from a browser or using the mobile app, Acumatica ensures a consistent user experience. Users are able to input, manage, and approve – all on the move.

Approval Workflows

Acumatica allows businesses to customize approval workflows for all their time and expense entries. Whether you're breaking it down by department, project type, or any other criterion, this feature guarantees accountability.

It’s also easy to reassign approvals or delegate to a standby approver if someone's away – ensuring the process is always fluid.

Project Accounting

Time and expense tracking seamlessly intertwine with project accounting, allowing businesses to code to specific projects or tasks.

Whether you're categorizing entries as billable or non-billable or diving deep into metrics for project-based insights, Acumatica provides the tools to help businesses discern both costs and revenue projections.

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Informed Decision-Making

Harnessing Acumatica's features can drive businesses towards operational efficiency. With a unified platform, companies can say goodbye to manual redundancies and greet an era of clear, data-informed decisions.

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Authored by: Andrea Hayes

Authored by Andrea Hayes

Andrea is a Principal for SVA Consulting, LLC, a member of the SVA family of companies. Andrea has a BA from University of Wisconsin, Madison and more than fifteen years of analyst and consulting experience in the private and public sectors. She has expertise forming vision and strategy to help small to mid-size businesses utilize people, processes and technology to optimize operations and realize their goals. Andrea has a diverse background merging analytics, consulting and strategy. She has played a pivotal role in numerous, large scale, ERP, analytics, and data integration implementations across a variety of industries. Prior to joining SVA Consulting, Andrea worked at an affective neuroscience laboratory, contributing to study design, managing analyzing data, and writing grants. She is also published in Nature Neuroscience Journal. Andrea has experience working in the life sciences industry as a management consultant for clients specializing in medical affairs.

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