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I'm Afraid Your Customers Have a Case of Checkout Indecision

I'm Afraid Your Customers Have a Bad Case of Checkout Indecision...

If there’s one place people shouldn’t burst out into The Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go” it’s on your website’s checkout page. But we heard your customers are having an encore!

According to the Baymard Research Institute, over 70% of customers abandon their carts on eCommerce sites.

You may think you have it all figured out: you’re getting customers to your site, right? (If you’re still trying to figure this part out, I think it’s time you give us a call…Come on, people! This is the easy part!)

But once your customers are on your site, are you doing what it takes to convert this traffic into sales?

Keep reading to explore how one of our clients approached this challenge head-on to convert over 25% of their abandoned shopping carts into sales in just nine months, and how you can start to see abandoned cart recovery results too.

Fore Supply Company: Customer Background

Fore Supply Company, a locker room supply distributor in Illinois, recognized the fast-growing eCommerce industry and decided it was time to invest in a platform that not only keeps up with the industry trends but invites additional growth. In working with SVA Consulting, Fore Supply invested in BigCommerce, a fast-growing, all-in-one, B2C and B2B eCommerce platform.

Conversion Sweet-Spot: Analytics + Notifications

Leveraging BigCommerce’s native abandoned cart feature, Fore Supply was able to see real-time analytics related to abandoned carts, receive notifications when carts were abandoned in their store, and send automated and tailored notifications to their customers.

In the first nine months since implementation, Fore Supply saw over 25% of their abandoned carts converted into sales, simply by taking advantage of the native features they had at their disposal: analytics and notifications.

The eCommerce industry will continue to grow, and customers will only get pickier and have higher expectations (trust me, I know because I’m one of them).

No matter where you’re at in your eCommerce journey, whether you’re struggling to get customers to your site, struggling to convert that traffic into sales, or struggling to fulfill orders, SVA Consulting can help.

Read the full Fore Supply story here.

To learn more, visit our eCommerce and ERP page or better yet, use the button below to reach out to us. We haven't abandoned the old art of conversation, yet!

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Authored by: Cailee Hanson

Authored by Cailee Hanson

Cailee works as a Business Solutions and Pre-Sale Consultant at SVA Consulting. She collaborates with prospects and clients daily to grasp their needs, leverage technology to align with their business objectives, and identify opportunities for organizational growth. Cailee plays a pivotal role in driving the success of numerous eCommerce, CRM, and digital transformation projects for clients. Cailee's understanding and identification of ever-evolving industry trends assist her in providing quality service to clients to help them reach Measurable Results. With a degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Cailee infuses each project with an entrepreneurial perspective to drive success for all stakeholders involved.

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