SVA's Data Warehouse Expertise Benefits Milliman


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Business Intelligence


Enterprise Data Warehouse, Analytics, Dashboarding


Private Cloud, SQL Server Databases, MS SQL Server SSIS

SVA took the time up front to understand globally what we were attempting to do for our clients.

Chad Karls, FCAS, MAAA
Principal and Consulting Actuary


Milliman is among the world’s largest independent actuarial and consulting firms. Founded in 1947 by Wendell Milliman and Stuart Robertson, the company still operates under the same guiding principles of its founders. Early on, Milliman and Robertson cultivated a unique work culture that placed a high value on independence, both from the distractions of outside ownership and the bureaucratic impediments of more conventional business models. Independence, they believed, would promote trailblazing and unbiased consulting work, which would attract clients looking for innovative solutions and objective professional advice. Today they are the premier independent provider of actuarial and risk management services to the insurance industry and self-insured organizations worldwide.

Milliman is one of the leading experts in healthcare financing and delivery. Their consulting work is supported by a powerful toolkit of data analytics solutions. This is the area SVA Consulting positioned itself as their strategic partner. Working with one of the most trusted and comprehensive sets of cost guidelines for attorneys in the insurance industry, SVA Consulting was able to build a robust data warehouse which enabled Milliman to provide real-time actionable intelligence through responsive reporting dashboards to its clients.


  • Assisted insurers in the development of claims defense best practices
  • Eliminated attorneys with below average results and above average costs from defense teams
  • Realized millions of dollars based on the insights the Enterprise Data Warehouse provided

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