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"I’ve worked with a lot of consultants and never experienced anything like working with SVA Consulting. They brought a level of experience and insight that allowed us to make the right decisions. Their understanding of the business was just really profound."

Dan Paterson, Chief Operating Officer

Verastem Oncology

Commercialization Launch Readiness


Verastem Oncology


Emerging Life Science

Business Need:

Commercialization Launch Readiness


Program Management, Business Infrastructure


Communication Planning and Facilitation, Management and Business Consultation, Business Process Analysis and Systems Design


Verastem Oncology focuses on targeting cancer cells directly as well as indirectly by way of the tumor microenvironment. Verastem was referred to SVA Consulting as a Phase 3 biopharmaceutical company with 30 employees and promising data. SVA was brought in to help Verastem Oncology with the launch planning around the operations and processes, as well as helping to plan all of Verastem’s systems, which prior to SVA, their “systems” were email and a server.

In September 2018, less than two years from acquiring the asset, Verastem Oncology launched their first drug COPIKRA ™ (for leukemia and follicular lymphoma).


SVA Consulting's commercialization launch readiness plan guided the successful implementation of over 130 projects across 15 functions, as Verastem was growing from 30 people to 180. It was imperative to on-board new people and key decision makers with consistent processes in place, which in turn became critical to the success of the project.

The quantifiable outcome for Verastem Oncology was they were able to ship their drug the day they received approval. Critical processes, systems and functions were up and running and were able to conduct business the day after approval.

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