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"Unlocking our data has materially improved our operational and financial reporting which allows for efficient and accurate analysis, insight, decision making and execution. The entire organization from our employees in the field to our executive team are now able to see daily, weekly, monthly, and annual data and analysis that saves countless hours and unites the organization with a single source of data truth."

Ben Carl, CFA, VP of Finance

Meritum Energy Holdings

Meritum Eliminates Data Silos for a Complete Portfolio Perspective

Meritum Energy Holdings

Meritum Energy Holdings



Business Need:

Data Analytics & Visualization


Data Strategy, Data Architecture, Data Visualization


AWS, Matillion, Snowflake, Tableau


The business had an M&A model that purchased individual fuel delivery companies. Each acquisition brought its own systems and data, meaning analyses on financial performance, customer gain and loss, and employee efficiency metrics had to be wrangled manually from disparate sources each month. The effort by one financial analyst was 80+ hours a month, and as the company grew these analyses became unmanageable and delayed. Getting timely, accurate, and repeatable data into the hands of employees so they could make informed decisions was out of reach with the current process.


SVA partnered with this company to develop a data strategy that captured and consolidated reporting requirements across the business. By establishing the end goal up front, stakeholder expectations were aligned, and we could establish a prioritized roadmap for the build. We developed a cloud-based, fit-for-purpose data pipeline using Matillion, Snowflake, and AWS that captures historic and current data. These data are visualized in Tableau and provide actionable information from the field up to the executive level.


  • The executive team has daily financial projections at the consolidated and individual location level to rapidly help manage growth.
  • The individual location managers have daily delivery and service information to identify trends.
  • Customer service representatives have information on accounts receivable so they can prioritize collections and can work customer delivery schedules to maximize driver and delivery efficiency.
  • Financial analyst saved 80+ hours per month on manual reporting and can now be strategic elsewhere.
  • Lost customers can be identified daily instead of 2+ months late, raising the opportunity to address why and win back.

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