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SVA Consulting has spent over 30 years helping organizations capitalize on opportunities using data. Data, leveraged in the right way, can accelerate the transformation of a business, fuel growth, and create a lasting and sustainable advantage over the competition. Historically, data-driven companies outperform their peers by 30%. That said, data can be confusing and overwhelming. We’ve perfected our Business Intelligence (BI) Program to make it as simple and streamlined as possible, while still maximizing client success.

SVA Consulting follows a unique, business-centered approach to Business Intelligence. This means we always focus on identifying an organization’s business needs as a first step. We ask the right questions to inform a plan defining the metrics, the needs of the data warehouse, and ultimately the way in which the data is presented and consumed.

Our process starts by identifying the questions executives are trying to answer - then prioritizing

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SVA Consulting’s process starts with defining the business’s need to answer certain questions. Once this is well-understood, we begin Data Design. We consider this a true discovery process between SVA Consulting and the client with the goal to gain a comprehensive understanding of their business. Here are some typical questions we ask:

  • What needs to happen in the business for you to prosper?
  • What could happen that would hinder your success? How will you know if you’re on track?
  • What signs will you see?
  • How will we measure this?

After the discovery process is complete, we begin to design the dashboard where the client will ultimately view the data. What this looks like depends solely on the needs of the business and what is defined in step 1 of our process.

Utilizing a well-crafted design, we focus the Data Build in the areas that provide the most business impact in the least amount of time. Our goal is to provide insight quickly, then adjust accordingly based on usage and user experience. To accelerate the build process, SVA Consulting has developed a workbench of templates, routines, and processes. The workbench removes weeks from the upfront build process while delivering best practices in areas such as data cleansing, balancing, error reporting, and security.

Following the data build comes the most recognized component of a Business Intelligence solution –Data Visualization and Reporting. These presentation tools are typically referred to as dashboards, reports, or data analytics. SVA Consulting works with a wide variety of these tools since they are rapidly changing and involve personal preference. Our goal is not to dictate a visualization platform but rather to ensure the proper product is in place to meet the user’s requirements. We evaluate by the user’s desired capabilities, willingness to attain technical training, and level of commitment to spending time with the data.

Once deployment is complete, our work continues as we learn and evolve with your company, adjusting your metrics, automating where possible, and sharing the information across the company as you define.

"A value I think about when working with SVA is integrity. When I think about integrity I think about accountability and trust. I trusted SVA as a partner."

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