SVA's Risk Mitigation Expertise Benefits Jones Dairy Farm

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I’ve come to rely on the SVA Consulting team to provide pragmatic advice, reassurance, and strategic thinking to augment our team as we make long-term decisions.

Keith Firari, Vice President and CFO


Jones Dairy Farm, a sixth generation family-owned business, has worked with SVA Consulting on a number of projects, the most recent one on risk mitigation.


Jones Dairy Farm promises to be different. “Different than big companies that cut corners to save money. For more than 127 years, we’ve been doing what’s right. We promise to always prioritize the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.”

This promise started the conversation with SVA Consulting (like so many conversations before). Because Jones values and trusts the relationship it has with SVA, they wanted to extend the promise they made to customers beyond the borders of their products and what the customer sees and tastes. They wanted to extend their promise of “doing what is right” to their business systems.

SVA was called in to review their network infrastructure and ensure their systems were dependable and protected from disaster, virus and internal threats. This action parallels Jones Dairy Farm’s commitment to food quality and safety.

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