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"We looked out into our future and saw continued growth, and so did SVA Consulting. They came up with a strategic technology solution that scales to our company as we move forward. It’s perfect for us."

Sean Cleary, President

Cleary Building Corp.

Technology Strategies Enable Growth With Cleary Building Corp.


Cleary Building Corp


Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction

Business Need:

ERP and .NET Development


Strategic IT


Accounting Software, Consulting, Operations Improvements



Since the company began in 1978, Cleary Building Corp. has been steadily growing. As the company diversified the types of pre-engineered structures they were able to engineer, manufacture, deliver and construct, they grew from 1 location to 81 across the United States with over 800 employees.  It doesn’t stop there; Cleary has its sights set on international expansion in the future as well.

President Sean Cleary recognized early on that technology would keep the company advancing internally as well as enable them to outperform any competitors in their marketplace. So they started their search for a strategic partner that understood business first and technology second. SVA Consulting was that company.

Impressed with SVA Consulting’s strategic analysis process, both companies quickly developed a mutual trust and rapport. “SVA Consulting was able to listen to the needs and opportunities of Cleary Building Corp. and map technology strategies and solutions to our growth. There are implicit and explicit cost savings in the solutions that SVA Consulting created for us,” states Sean Cleary.



  • Saved time
  • Improved processes
  • Streamlined operations
  • Improved inventory management
  • Enabled growth

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