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"SVA is an extension of our team and has contributed to our early success."

Maneesh Arora, Chief Operating Officer

Exact Sciences

SVA's ELS Program Management Expertise Benefits Exact Sciences


Exact Sciences


Life Science

Business Need:

Microsoft CRM, Cisco Unified Contact Center Express, Microsoft .NET, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise 2012, Cisco Infrastructure, Log Logic, Global Order Entry, Business Intelligence


Program Management


Business Consulting, Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), Strategic IT, Application Development, Security Consulting, Global Order Entry System, Call Center Design, EDI and HL7 Integration Engine Design, Customer Resource Management, Private Cloud Data Center


Private Cloud


Exact Sciences was referred to SVA Consulting when they were a startup medical device company. In lightning speed of 19 months, Exact Sciences grew from 36 employees to over 700, moving from developing Cologuard, their pre-screening test for colon rectal cancer, to human trials, FDA approval and then to the international marketplace.


Exact Sciences identified they needed to rapidly create systems that would enable them to meet global demand for their colorectal cancer screening test, Cologuard. SVA Consulting created a plan of attack to accomplish this, and have systems fully operational and integrated in under 2 years’ time. This significant build included systems for all facets of the Exact Sciences business and included the design and build of a Private Cloud Data Center where these systems live.

SVA Consulting used a management technique known as Program Management to coordinate and facilitate this build. At any given time, SVA Consulting manages 30 + dedicated team members, 10+ ecosystem partners and over 25 discrete projects. The facilitation of this effort and the management of the interdependencies between all of the projects and work tracks required executive oversight and vision to complete. In August 2014, Exact Sciences, on the heels of their FDA approval of Cologuard, successfully launched business operations and is currently providing Cologuard to both United States, European markets and the Middle East.

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