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SVA Consulting Transforms Giordano's Existing Technology for Future Needs

Giordano’s Enterprise

Giordano’s Enterprise


Restaurant, Franchise

Business Need:



Application Development, Network Infrastructure Design


Accounting Software, Application Development



Giordano’s is steeped in history, beginning in a small northern Italian town near Torino, Italy where Mama Giordano was famous around town for her exquisite cooking and became renowned for her Italian Easter Pie. Years later, her sons immigrated to Chicago taking their mother’s recipe with them and in 1974 they opened their first Giordano’s pizza business. The legendary “Chicago’s Best Deep Dish Pizza” business has morphed into a franchise of 50 locations over the years and their business diversified to include catering, a food truck, distribution and real estate development for franchisee locations.



Taking a traditional ERP system and turning it into an active business tool to meet the evolving challenges of a rapidly changing organization is a skill that few technology partners can pull off. However, the long-term relationship the management team and owners had with SVA Consulting, led to the full disclosure and understanding of Giordano’s emerging business needs. This relationship was the stabilizing factor through the organization’s business transitions and changes in strategic direction. SVA Consulting worked to identify ways to leverage existing technology without a major reinvestment in their systems throughout the firm’s expansion.

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